Job Dating Service

The biggest challenge facing businesses of all sizes is finding and keeping outstanding employees. Extraordinary employees can transform a struggling business into a successful business. Consequently, smart Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of independent businesses will invest in recruiting, training and coaching of potentially talented employees.

Obviously, a job’s primary benefit is the income it provides to the worker. However, the Middle Class Movement believes that work brings peace of mind to individuals, peace to communities and peace in the world. When a person is working they feel better about themselves, communities look better because working people can improve their houses and global conflict is reduced when a high percentage of citizens are gainfully employed.

The only way to increase the number of middle class households around the world is to rapidly increase the number of people that have jobs paying a living wage or more. Our non-profit partner has established a free “Job Dating Service” to help companies find the right employees and job seekers find the right job.

This service is called “Job Dating” because we want employers and employees to work together (i.e. “Date”) for at least a week before making a full-time employment commitment. We have found that this “dating” period benefits employers and employees in the long-run by preventing them from entering a long-term working relationship that will inevitably end up in the employment version of “divorce.” For more information about this service please visit

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