• Local Business and the Middle Class
  • Politics and the Middle Class
  • Stock Markets and the Middle Class
  • Jobs Feed Families
  • Reading Saves Lives
  • Living Wage Index (LWI)
  • Reading Level Index (RLI)

Ways to Help

The Middle Class Movement (MCM) is seeking the endorsement and support of every person who believes that increasing the middle class is one of the most important goals of society...

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Living Wage Index

The Living Wage Index (LWI) is the percentage of households in a municipality that earn enough to pay their bills. This measure is based on the MIT Living Wage Calculator and the US Census...

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Reading Level Index

The Reading Level Index (RLI) is the percentage of 4th graders in a municipality who are able to read at grade level. This measure is based on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)...

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